The Venue (A unique private party playground)

Celebrate in our one-of-a-kind indoor, private party venue! Our party set up is a room hire arrangement within an awesome indoor kids playground!

Our party room is not like any other! It is an exclusive private party venue with an indoor kids gym and full monkey bar, swing set.

It is the perfect place to host a kids birthday- Celebrate your child’s milestones like a 1st birthday or a 5th! We are a small indoor party venue which is perfect for unpredictable Melbourne weather!

Hiring our room is the beginning of your stress-free party – you rent the space and its all yours. Yep- this is a kids play zone where you don’t have to share the equipment with people you don’t know. You will have exclusive use of our play room and the facilities listed below to get your party off to great start. All you need to do is send off our downloadable invites (found under the Fun Stuff Tab), organise any food/cake and decorations you wish to bring in. Keep it simple. Keep it fun! We have any easy booking system where you can check your dates and times and book directly to secure your place.

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A tonne of ways to play, to celebrate a special day!

Here is a list of just some of our active, equipment PLUS ways they can help with children’s development:

Rock Climbing Wall

A brightly coloured set up for this wall! The rocks helps little ones to strengthen their bodies! Did you know climbing is good for your entire body- including your cardiovascular system!


A fun and energetic activity that works on so many areas of a child’s development. From balance and coordination to increase muscle strength and good heart health we love that fun can be healthy too!

Monkey Bars

Whilst building arm strength and tone seems the obvious choice here and is certainly one aspect- the bars also help with hand-eye coordination, balance and posture too!


Ahh the “push me” cries. I can hear them now. Aside from making us adults get up from a resting position to gentle push our little ones, the movements are actually really good for our mini me’s! They help to increases spacial awareness and develop gross motor skills with the pumping leg motions to keep the movement. From tiny tots our little ones grip and cling to the side ropes, which also develops their fine motor skills.

Climbing Net

To navigate a net successfully little people, unbeknown to them, are working hard! They are developing their hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body in a coordinated way) and are developing their spacial awareness and problem solving abilities. Some kids may even rake in some adult help with the solution finding by calling out for you – especially if they ended up climbing higher than their comfort zone really wanted.

Punching Bag

A great stress relief, the bag is also great for aerobic fitness, coordination and core stability.

Flying Fox

Surely this activity is just pure fun… right? Right. Well sort-of! The sensory experience from this activity help our kids to learn how to integrate and process information from the world around them. Our flying fox challenges kids to use their upper body strength to hold onto the swing and once they are confident they become more willing to take on new challenges in their daily lives.

Balance Beam

Clearly this activity works on balance. It also works on body awareness and activates a sense called proprioception which is our internal sense of knowing where our body is in space. It requires concentration, hand eye coordination as well as the ability to maintain posture.

Gym Mats

Rolling, jumping, somersaults, balancing. These mats are open ended fun. The movements and creativeness children show with this equipment promotes body awareness, problem solving and motor skill development.

Crash Mats

These provide a large amount of sensory input for children. Children receive joint compression from their leg and knee muscles to their joints, which is fab for their muscle tone and core strength as well as that proprioceptive sense we spoke about earlier!


We like to keep it simple.

We have a small kitchen room with the basics to get your party off to swinging start.

Store your cake in the fridge. Heat food in the microwave.

Make prep time easy with our bench space and cupboards for storing your food when it’s not being displayed in your side party room.

Make clean up time easy with our sink and cleaning products.

Additional Room

Within the room hire you have access to a room you can set up for your little one. It’s a versatile room: Pop a picnic rug on the floor for food, or gather to sing happy birthday. The choice is yours. It comes with a table – you can decorate how you like.

It’s a great little space to set up a food table and store presents.

We suggest light finger food such as fruit platters and fairy bread as your kids will be active and jumping, swinging and rolling about.