About Us (We love to party!)

We are a small family business with a love of seeing children smile and thriving. Having a kids party venue in Cranbourne certainly ticks this niche!

Michelle aka “mum”, is a registered occupational therapist and the owner of Gumboots Child Therapy in Cranbourne. She had a vision to create an amazing, fun and private kids gym space so that children could develop their motor skills and integrate their sensory system. So her tradie hubby Brett aka “dad” built this incredible indoor kids playground space. The room started out solely for use for therapy but Michelle could see that there was greater capacity for the room to be beneficial to many more children. Knowing how limited the choices were for private party venues when looking for her own children, she decided that Cranbourne needed this space to be made available for kids parties! And so… Gumboots Party Room was established.

family friendly venue

The gym space was given a mini make-over with a kitchenette added to compliment all things party food and a side room was allocated to set up a table and decorations.

The entire process was then automated – from booking online, to being allocated a door key so that the user experience could remain as easy and affordable as possible.

No matter what your celebration – A birthday, mother’s group or a name day, or an event like Easter or Christmas – our venue enables you to worry less about the weather or cleaning your house and instead brings the focus back to good old fashioned, childhood fun!

When you book with us, you are booking with a family who celebrates every booking. A family whom genuinely hopes you enjoy the space, have lots of fun and make great memories of your celebration.

We would love to see your birthday pictures so don’t forget to tag us on social media @gumbootspartyroom