Step 2: Security Deposit (Necessary Evil)

Congratulations – you are all booked in. Thank-you for choosing us as your venue for your next celebration!

A $100 Security Deposit is now required to secure your time and date.

This is FULLY REFUNDABLE when the room and equipment are returned in the exact condition that they were hired. Return payment is promptly processed on our end, the next available business day.

Pay Security Deposit Here

Room, Equipment and Cleaning Security Deposit

Why are you taking a security deposit?

Gumboots Party Room is a brand new centre with sparkly new equipment that cost lots of money to replace.

We take a security deposit, which is a sum of money that you pay, as insurance. This ensures that everyone who hires our party room looks after the room, the equipment and the cleanliness of the space.

Imagine if you had a party straight after someone who had left the room in a messy, unclean state. Or someone who had guests who left with some of our equipment so your party was less spectacular. It would be a massive bummer.

A security deposit is a deterrent from poor behaviour and poor cleanliness and is an unfortunate evil when hiring to the public. Not everyone has an in-built level of respect for others property.

How do I get my money back?

The best part about a security deposit is that it is FULLY REFUNDABLE! So if you do the right thing and return the space to the same condition that you hired it – the money will be returned in full! We endeavour to process this money back to you as quickly as possibly. We will process the returns on the next business after your party. Depending upon your bank it can take a few days to process back into your account or onto your card.

Now you have paid the security deposit, head over to Step 3 to Sign and Email back our Party Hire Agreement Paperwork