Step 4: Medical and Indemnity Form (Better to be safe)

Playing is a child’s main occupation. Through play, they learn, grow and experiment with themselves and their friends. They begin to take movement risks like jumping, climbing, hanging and oftentimes also banging crashing and falling. They also begin to work out their limits and what is safe for their bodies and their individual risk appetite. It’s all part of growing up and is intrinsic with life itself.

This page is you and your guests acknowledging that our play space is set up for movement and that playing on a playground has some inherent risks and that you waive Gumboots Party Room liability for damage and injury sustained whilst playing within our centre. You also agree that all children will be supervised during their play.

Please ensure yourself and your guests complete this paperwork before your party. The form can be filled in directly from this website so please just send your guests the link to this page to fill it in.

Once you and your guests have completed this form, you are onto the last section: Step 5 – Door Code